The grandest of weddings take place in India. Right from the venue to the extensive menus, there is an extra zing attached to Indian weddings. What about the guest-list? Does it have to be massive like everything else? Or should you stick to a selected group? Find out how you can create the perfect guest-list.
It is your wedding. Hence, every little aspect deserves your approval. No matter what others (including your parents and other relatives) have to say, you have the absolute right to invite people of your choice. Be firm about your preferences, and see things working your way.
Yes, it is a big moment and you may want to scream it to the world from the rooftop. But wait! Your announcement might raise expectation in every mind, expecting an invitation to your big day. It is best to announce only to close family members and the closest of friends at this point in time.
By correlating, we mean prepare the guest-list according to the venue chosen. For instance, if it is a destination wedding, you might want a smaller, exclusive guest-list. While if you have chosen the largest party lawn, you will have the liberty to invite a massive number of people. Similarly, correlate with other aspects too, like your food menu and other amenities. 
When you finally sit down to make the guest-list, show your technical prowess efficiently. After all, when will your official expertise come of any help personally? Use Excel, spreadsheet or any other device to organize your guests into different categories (like how do you know each other, city, etc.) so that it becomes easier when you actually start inviting. 
No doubt, it is a difficult job to prepare your wedding guest-list. But there are some who you can definitely ignore. Inviting ex-lovers can stir things up in the wrong way. Better leave them out! Secondly, long-lost family members that you have probably never met can be left at bay. Thirdly, unless you are bum-chums with your colleagues, it is best advised to invite only your boss. Finally, it is not obligatory to invite all who had invited you at their wedding. 
Indian weddings are an occasion of merriment and family bonding. Hence, it is understandable if your uncle would like to invite some of his guests too. Let your near and dear ones have their respective list; sit down together and then finalize a guest-list which should be a wholesome one. The priority should however be your guests! 
If you plan it right, creating the perfect guest-list can be an unforgettable experience!