The one pertinent question during every wedding: How was the food? Oh yes, especially in an Indian wedding, people might let you go off easily on the décor and flowers, but food? Never! God forbid, if the food is below expectation, people will still talk about your wedding, but definitely not in the way you would like them to. While every caterer will promise you fabulous culinary delights, not all can stand up tall. Let provide you with a little help.

Budgeting is important
Since food is an important part of your wedding, you need to set a budget even before you meet the caterers. It is important that you understand how exactly the caterer will charge… Whether it’ll be per plate system, the number of food items included, appetizers and soft drinks inclusive, will they provide the cutlery, so on and so forth.

Ask other vendors
It is always best to ask the people in the industry. Speak to your florist, tent-guy or even the photographer. They are the right ones to give you a fair idea as to which caterer would fit your bill. At times, all vendors work in coordination with one another. Try to get the best deal according to your needs.

Sky is 'not' the limit
Too many cooks spoil the broth is a common saying. Well, too many options can also play a spoilsport. It is best to limit your tasting to 5-6 catering services. More options would mean more confusion in your taste buds. Hence, try to finalize between the top 5-6 culinary experts.

Word of mouth always helps
Attended a wedding recently and simply loved the food? Waste no time and ask the details of the catering service immediately. Ask around, the advice of your well wishers will always help. But then again, keep your options up to a certain limit and do not get unnecessarily overwhelmed.

Keep your questions ready
Once you zero down your options to 2-3 caterers, have a list of questions ready to hurl at each of them. Some questions to ask include the type of budget they suggest for your budget, whether they are providing bartenders, will they provide the cutlery, cancellation and refund policies if any, and the likes.

Tasting the decided menu
Never finalize anything before you do the actual tasting. Ask for as many options to choose before choosing the final menu. Though it is practically not possible to satisfy every single individual attending the wedding, try to keep the menu varied. Assess the caterer’s credibility in the same.