Wedding planning ain’t easy at all! While some aspects are still manageable, most require an insane amount of effort and preparation. Selecting the florist is one of the harder aspects. Getting the right florist whose style matches your personal taste can get a little too much. And not everyone is a flower expert. To avoid too much confusion, lists out some pointers to selecting the apt florist for your wedding.

References always help
The Internet, social media, websites, magazines, TV shows have no doubt become the voice of experts and go-to avenues for everybody. But when it comes to weddings, there is nothing better than asking around amongst your known circle of people. You may even ask your other vendors to get a better deal.

Visit multiple florists
Hasty decisions can be really risky. It is important that you pay personal visits to their stores and assess their style. Check out the flowers on display. If they aren’t looking fresh, it’s better to cancel them out from your probable list. Ask them to show their previous experience, especially at weddings.

Design philosophy
Most certainly, you would have a certain vision of your wedding décor. While finalizing your florist, it is important that you and your florist share a good rapport and a somewhat similar design philosophy. Even if arguments erupt, the aim should be to create a look that satisfies both the parties.

The extras
A good florist won’t just stop at decorating the wedding venue. Make sure you have a clear idea about the flower arrangement for other areas like the washrooms (ladies definitely), the staircase of the venue, single rose (or small bouquet) at the rooms of outstation guests, so on and so forth. If you are the groom, it would include your car as well.

Check the schedule
The Indian wedding ‘season’ means multiple weddings on the same day. Which in turn means a shortage of resources. Hence, before you finalize on a particular florist, it is advised that you check his schedule. It is pointless if he is doing five weddings on a single day. Do not ever compromise on quality.

Budget it right!
You might be tempted to spend some big bucks on the pretty orchids and lilies. But no matter what, your floral budget shouldn’t exceed by more than 8 percent of your total budget. Make your florist aware of the same, so that he can accordingly work out with the right flowers.