Memories last a lifetime, it is rightly said. And we bet, you would want your wedding memories to be fresh as a daisy. While choosing a caterer or a florist can still prove to be a little easy, hiring a photographer for your wedding is one daunting task. The simple reason: you do not get to see the end product till the end of the wedding. And until then, it can be a bit too late. So that you face no hurdles, brings to you some important pointers to be kept in mind.

Research is the key
Before quickly finalizing any photographer, spend weeks going through the hordes of websites of leading wedding photographers. It is important that you pay close attention to the image galleries and not the quality of the website. Sit with your partner and shortlist a few, and then proceed accordingly.

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Word of mouth
Though research through websites is fine, it is always advisable to talk to your friends, family or anybody who has recently married and get their feedback. Glance through their wedding albums, bridal portraits and decide whether you’d like to go for the same, or whether the search should continue.

What’s your style?
Twenty-five years from your wedding, how would you like to see your wedding photographs? Classic, formal, or candid? Black and white? Though the in-trend style may enamour you, always select a photographer who can assure you some ever-lasting shots, irrespective of the season or year.

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Experience counts!
He might be a top-notch photographer but is he experienced enough to shoot a wedding? It is imperative to check his previous wedding portfolios before handing him his assignment. Wedding photography requires special skills that only an experienced hand can handle.

Know the basics
You needn’t know the technicalities. But it is always good that you have a basic idea about the camera that the photographer is going to use, the shots that you’d like to pose in, the number of assistants coming along and the likes. Any doubt, ask questions! Remember, no question is a dumb one.

The end-product
In today’s age of digitization, physical albums are not a priority anymore. Hence, it is important to discuss in advance with the photographer as to how is he going to deliver the end-products. If you want them in a particular format, spell it out before you sign on the dotted line.

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Meet the photographer
It is important that you meet the photographer who will be shooting you on the actual day a few days prior to the wedding. Yes, there are instances when on the wedding day (especially during peak season), some third person is sent to do the honours. Make sure it doesn’t happen.

Let’s talk about the moolah!
Most wedding photographers offer a variety of packages, either depending on the number of images or the amount of time they spend at the wedding. Discuss and clarify about every single penny before you say yes to any package. If possible, get a written statement finalizing every minute detail before the D-day.

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