One of the biggest announcements in an Indian household—the announcement of a wedding! Oh yes, as soon as the news spread, all that everyone wants to know is ‘When is the wedding?’ And finalizing the wedding date is no easy task. Lot of factors determine the day when you and your beloved can finally get together. lists out some important factors that cannot be overlooked while fixing your wedding date.

Let the stars guide you: Indian weddings without consulting the astrologer are unheard of. Though many young couples are wary of the same, it will do no harm to keep the elders happy and content. Speak to the family priest/astrologer and choose an auspicious date for the wedding. After all, one cannot forego all traditions completely.

How long an engagement do you want: In the Indian tradition, it is usually no longer than one year. Sometimes, the engagement is simply an intimate pre-wedding ceremony. Thus, couples and their families can decide mutually as to how long a courtship period they want and decide the wedding date accordingly.

Coinciding with special occasions: The wedding date may also be one which coincides with a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, the date he proposed to you, the date you met or maybe, the wedding date of your grandparents/parents. Not only does the occasion make it more special, but also it gives reasons to celebrate and cheer the happy day.

The season and time of the year: If you and your partner have always wanted an autumn wedding, do not fix a date in early January. Your desires and priorities have to be kept in mind before listening to anybody else’s. If the people getting married are not happy with the wedding date, how can it be a happy occasion?

Consult the key participants: If your husband’s sister is going to be away for her college exams or your favorite aunt staying abroad won’t be able to make it to the wedding, what’s the point of throwing a lavish 5-day wedding extravaganza? Hence, before you finalize the wedding date, take into consideration all those people without whom your wedding festivities would remain incomplete.