So everyone dreams of a memorable wedding. Designer dresses, celebrity chefs, Bollywood stars performing are all fine, but how do you truly leave an impressionable mark on your guests. Is there any special trick that will make your wedding the talk of the town for years to come? There is. Personalizing it! A personal touch will make all the difference. While there are innumerable ways in which you may choose to personalize your wedding, brings to you the core areas that can set apart your wedding from the others. 

The invitations
The wedding invitations are the first points of introducing your guests to the event. And as they say, first impressions are often the last, you should make the most of it. You may design a customized logo of the initials of your names and seal each invitation with it (use the same logo elsewhere). You may include a cute illustrated map to give directions to the place. If it is a destination/weekend wedding, you may include handy brochures showing them some hotspots of the area around so that they enjoy their mini vacation. 

The menu
Give the traditional buffet table a miss. Create food stations, each representing a country that you have visited or plan to visit soon. The food stations might also be categorized into the cuisines that you both love. Get in touch with some expert bartender and create customized cocktails and mocktails. Add a little snippet explaining to the guests the reason for that particular concoction. Another way to personalize the menu is by naming the different dishes in unique ways (like for instance, first kiss chocolate tart or something like that). 

The reception
Well, there are a million ways to have a personalized reception. Firstly, welcome the guests in a way that’ll pleasantly surprise them. Put up a pin board wherein they can post their congratulatory messages/marital advice or anything that they want to convey. Each dinner table may be named after your favorites (city, food, color). Arrange a photo booth where guests can get themselves clicked. At the end of the evening, present them as a token of gratitude. 

The rest
Well, personalization can be done on anything. It is up to you as to how far you want to go. If you are having a theme wedding, try to use the transportation accordingly. A Las Vegas-themed wedding calls for a limousine but a horse-drawn carriage would suit a traditional Indian royalty-themed wedding. Likewise, the restroom areas can be demarcated into men and women using caricature images of you and your partner. Sit with your priest and plan the wedding ceremony the way you want it to be. Inject your personal style in a way that is remembered and cherished by all.