To state that Indian weddings are famous for over the top extravagance would probably not surprise anyone. Why not add even more excitement to the day by planning a theme wedding? Theme weddings, very popular in the West, are gradually gaining ground in India as well. Although a theme wedding will bestow a certain uniqueness to your big day, you need to consider some key elements while planning your theme event. Let’s take a look.

A colour-coordinated theme wedding; Picture courtesy: I Do Etc.

Deciding the theme
If you have decided to have a theme wedding, pick a theme that holds a special significance to you. If fairytale-like weddings is your thing, then marrying your prince charming in a true-blue royal style should be your calling. Are you and your partner water babies? Plan a beach-themed wedding. Or better still, have a beach wedding with a tropical theme!

Deciding the venue
Besides choosing the theme, deciding the venue is the biggest decision you will take regarding your theme wedding. Discuss your priorities, in detail, with your wedding planner and shortlist your choices accordingly. Even though wedding planners may be able to recreate almost anything, it is always an added benefit if the chosen venue adds to the whole effect of the theme.

An Oscar-themed wedding; Picture courtesy: Kitiphorn Khanijou

The invitations
It all starts with the invitations! Give your guests the first glimpse of what your wedding is going to be. The invitations should reflect the look, mood and feel of your theme wedding. You may even specify the dress/colour code for the guests. To make things easier for them, include some suggestions and tips in the invite itself.

The arrival
Your grand entry should be in sync with your chosen theme. If your wedding theme is royalty, coming in a luxury sedan wouldn’t guarantee the maximum gasps. How about making an entry in an ornately decorated elephant with an entire procession of flower girls and personal guards?

A royal entry by the couple; Picture courtesy: Yogi Patel of Global Photography

It is no rocket science that the theme of any party, wedding or otherwise, is most effectively communicated through decorations in and around your venue. Even if you have a limited budget, it is possible to plan a theme wedding. Choose some key areas like the entry, the altar, the food area, and make sure to keep a laser-like focus on the theme you are working with.

Food and drinks
A theme wedding cannot be successful if it doesn’t have a menu that truly captures the spirit of the theme. A beach-themed wedding cannot be serving Mughlai food. Nor can a royal wedding have tropical fruit dessert in the menu. Even if the entire menu cannot stick true to the theme, you definitely must have dishes (for instance, the starters and drinks) that are theme-based.

Welcome drink in bamboo glasses; Picture courtesy: Gem Weddings

No run-of-the-mill performances please! A theme wedding is most fun when the entertainment is right. The usual performances by the family members and friends can be cleverly choreographed keeping in mind the theme. Try to include other fun activities that will take the fun of the theme wedding several steps up the ladder!