Planning a wedding in just 30 days? Sounds crazily impossible, right? Even though planning starts a year ahead for most weddings, you never know what’s in store for you. By no means should a wedding suffer for the lack of time. While an entire year does have its advantages, we at believe that weddings, no matter how big or small, should be an affair to remember. So, here are a few pointers if you ever have to plan a wedding in a month.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea!
Let’s face it, not everyone can get married in such a short span of time. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable, at least 3 months are needed for planning a wedding. Nevertheless, if situation demands, the most important quality should be decisiveness. There is no time for second thoughts. With just 4 weeks, you cannot afford to spend time on deciding which flower to use on the centerpieces!

When time is limited, priorities need to be set right. Prepare a checklist and stick to it. Hiring the different vendors, sending out invitations to the outstation guests first and arranging the venue should top the list. Chuck out the unnecessary details and do not get swayed by other’s opinions. We suggest, you make a 4-week to-do list and get going immediately.

Fix the budget
Before you start the hiring and buying process, set up the budget. Once it gets imprinted on your mind, it becomes much easier to deal with the vendors. Much time is saved when you have the finances in place as it acts as the reference point. If a particular service provider doesn’t fit your bill, waste no time in haggling.

Build a team
It’s not humanly possible to take care of every detail. Select a handful of trusted aides, assign respective duties to them, and co-ordinate with all. Food, transportation, guests, decoration, photographer, gifts are some of the main areas that need attention. Have the most trusted friend/family member to accompany you to select your dressing dress and your personal essentials.

The paperwork
Getting married also means a lot of paperwork. Take care of the most important ones first, think about the rest later. Use the help of some resourceful person to set a date for the court registration ceremony, visit the passport office (if visiting foreign shores for the honeymoon), finalize the process if changing your maiden name. Document and file every important paper. No carelessness here!

Have fun!
On the wedding day, just relax and have fun. Look at it as a big party and ignore minor issues. Every wedding, no matter the level of planning, has its oops moment. Pat yourself and your team for having successfully accomplished everything in mere 30 days, which others take a year to complete. And finally, raise a toast for a blissful marital life ahead with your partner. That’s what matters the most after all!