Your wedding is almost fixed. Congratulatory messages start pouring in. The most important thing to do now is to set the wedding budget. Yes, all decisions thereafter will be made easy once this all-important aspect is taken care of. But setting the right budget is one mammoth task. takes you through five steps to make life easier for you and your family.

Envisioning it right: Have you always wanted a lavish wedding with over 2000 guests? Well then, the budget has to be grand. Or do you want an intimate one with just around 300 guests? A budget cannot be fixed unless you have a vision in your mind. Talk it out with your fiancé and set your priorities straight. Budgeting would become a tad bit easy, we assure you!

Making the worksheet: Oh yes, time to put your MS Excel knowledge to the best effect. A comprehensive worksheet with divisions and sub-headings, not leaving out even the minutest detail, is the next big thing to be accomplished. Once you put down the respective amounts, make sure you stick to the same throughout the wedding planning period.

Prioritize correctly: Being on a budget doesn’t mean you are constraining yourself. The budget is meant to help you to make your wedding planning process an organized affair. While making the worksheet, remember to allocate the finances wisely. Or else, you are never going to stick to your set plan. Take care of the major expenses (like clothes, jewellery) first and then think about the rest (stationery).

Researching the right vendors: Having made the worksheet, the scouting for the right vendors should begin now. Since the budget is set (at least in writing), target the vendors that you think would best suit your needs. This way, not much time is lost in deciding the potential list of vendors. Instead, use the saved time for more constructive planning with your chosen vendors.

Tuck a little away: Sticking to a set budget might prove to be a little tricky at times. Hence, it is always advisable to over-estimate (not too much) while making the blueprint. Alternately, once the total budget is fixed, add in a couple or two to the figure. The extra bucks will definitely come handy for some sudden odd expense during the wedding.