So, the big question is looming large in your head. But still thinking of a way to let your heart out to the lady in question? Remember, the way you propose is going to be etched in her heart forever, which will be shared by her with all her friends and family. You wouldn’t want to ruin the moment, would you? Let help you with some out-of-the-world romantic ideas for an epic proposal.

1. Is your lady love a complete movie buff? Pick out the proposal scene from her favorite all-time romantic film and make all efforts to enact the same. Yes, slight modifications and alterations are fine. But stick to the filmy scene, and get set to floor her completely.

2. If your lady is an absolute family person, gather her closest persons around for a brunch/dinner. Ask each of them to sport a T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase ‘will you marry me’. When your girlfriend walks in, let everyone stand in the correct order and go down on your knees.

3. If your girlfriend loves drama, then this should be it. At the middle of the night, park your car in front of her house. Put on her favorite romantic number on full volume, complete with speakers and all, and bend down on your knees. It might irk the neighbours, but your girl will be mighty pleased.

4. Is she fond of books? Does she miss the days when letters did all the talking? Write her an elaborate love note, parcel it to her or keep it as a bookmark in the current book that she is reading. As she is teary-eyed reading through the note, surprise her with a ring.

5. If your girl digs adventure, devise a treasure hunt. Start with a clue at home, and then send her around the favorite spots around the city. After a delightful round of surprises, the final prize should be you, on bent knees with a beautiful ring in your hand.

6. If fun loving and carefree describes your girl, what better way to propose her than taking her around the city? Well, rent a scooty/bike and invite her for a ride. Hand her the helmet with the ring box already in it. Whoosh! Celebrate the occasion by hopping onto the ride of the day.

7. If your girl loves to hold on to memories and photographs, create a scrapbook. Include different details and images from the time you first dated till the present. While flipping through the pages, take her by surprise by popping the question and capturing the moment instantly.

8. So, your girlfriend loves her sweets way too much. Why not make the proposal savory for a lifetime! Handpick her favorite chocolates, brownies and pies. Wrap it up in a wicker basket. Tuck away the ring box in a quiet corner of the basket. As she screams her way to ecstatic emotions, bend down on your knees for the important question.

9. So, you both enjoy fine dining and all? Book a stretched limousine to pick her up, reserve a place at her favorite restaurant with rose petals strewn all over, set up the violinists, and you are set. Seize the moment and pop the question.

10. You are in love and want to show the world. Hire a skywriter to spell out the words for you and for the entire world to see. A traditional way, yes, but also one of the most romantic ways to get a girl say ‘yes’.