You are definitely a star at your own wedding. With all eyes on you, your designer clothes and your gorgeous makeup, your wedding day is a day that’ll feature as one of the best days of your life. What if you can capture all the emotions, all the sentiments of that day and re-live them all over and over again? Photographs are good, but what if there was a better alternative? reveals it here…

A personalized wedding film, wherein you and your husband are the lead pair with your families and friends as the supporting cast with the typical dance and song routines, drama, comedy, action and emotion. Yes, all this and more. It’ll come with a 2-minute trailer, followed by the main film. Now, isn’t this a better alternative?

Gone are the days when the videographer roamed around the wedding venue with his equipments. His end result being a 5-hour (or more!) long video starring badly edited ‘candid’ moments of the wedding (not even sparing the decked up aunty while she opens her mouth to gorge the gulab jamuns) with our very own shehnai playing in the background. Well, not a very good way to jostle up the memories of a day as precious as your wedding!

Spearheaded by a team comprising film directors, ad film makers, editors and camerapersons, wedding cinematography has undergone a sea change in India. With their acumen and expertise in their respective fields, this ever-growing group has changed the ball game and how! Weddings have never seemed so beautiful and filmy!

The Wedding Filmer, Raja & Badal Jain Cinematography & Photography, Paper Tiger Films, UMP Weddings by Underdog Motion Pictures are some of the names that should strike you when planning a wedding. They are the ones that have enriched the whole wedding experience with their magic. Right from a trailer to the full-fledged film with a catchy name, they present the wedding in a way that will be enjoyed by all many years down the lane.