Yes, it's catching up! Hen's parties or bachelorette parties are fast becoming the in-thing for all brides-to-be and their girl gang. After all, why should boys have all the fun, eh?

The organizer: Now that it is fairly a new concept in our country, let's get some things clear first. More often than not, the hen's party is thrown by the bride's best friends to celebrate her last night of spinster-hood (well, not necessarily the 'last' night!). But there have been cases when the bride herself has left the doors open. The bottom-line is to have some serious fun sans the boys.

The theme: Come on, this is the chance to go all blingy, all girly! Let there be an overdose of pink; remember, there's no one to complain. Butterflies, angels, glitter and shimmer... let your creativity ooze out. No inhibition should make its entry. Keep in mind, this night is never to come again.

The dress code: It is no rocket science that girls love to dress up. Add on to the fun by deciding on a dress code for the night. Sport anything, from the flimsiest negligee to a pair of boxer shorts coupled with ganjee. You may also decide your attire depending on the theme of the party.

The decor: This is not any run-of-the-mill party! It is your hen's! It cannot be just balloons and  confetti. Be innovative. There are places where you get body parts-shaped balloons. Invest in some and see everyone gushing about it (more than even your upcoming wedding's decor, we bet!)

The alcohol: Ah, need we say anything at all? Alcohol always adds to the thrill. Every dirty secret, every not-to-be-disclosed detail reveals itself when in the company of alcohol. Let the drinks flow undisturbed; the fun will follow undoubtedly!

The games: Party games always add the fun element. And when it's your bachelorette, it needs to be doubled. Instead of the usual games, why not add a naughty twist? Say, how about pinning the p**** rather than tailing the monkey? Or play the post-it game where each of the friends write down any memory of her with the bride. Tales of childhood, old boyfriends and drunken nights most welcome.

The special effects: Well, every party deserves a highlight. Your bachelorette needs more than just one. Bring on the strippers, yes the male ones of course! Get some 'lappy' action! Show off your moves at the pole. Give the usual cake a pass and opt for a cooler alternative (yes, keep the decor and theme in mind).

Move over boys, now we'll show you how to have some serious fun.