Those grand, fabulous dream weddings that invariably make all soon to be married women sigh longingly, don’t just happen. It takes months of thorough planning and organizing to ensure that things progress without a glitch at the main event.
However, not knowing where or how to begin can throw things in a tizzy right from the word go. Add to that the stress of arranging for a large wedding ceremony, and there are sure to be some derailed plans. To avoid this and simplify the process, we have here a list of simple steps that will help you organize a large wedding efficiently.

DRAW UP CHECKLISTS                                                                
Keeping track of everything that needs to be done would be impossible if you don’t have a to-do list to consult. Numerous small wedding related details can easily get lost if you don’t have them listed on paper. Equally important is to draw up a list of all the important phone numbers that you will require at various stages of planning. Everyone from the florist, to the jeweller, to all the guests who will be part of the event.

DECIDE ON A BUDGET                                                                 
Even in the face of no budget constraints, it is still important to start off with some pre-determined budget number in mind. As soon as a budget is fixed, you will be faced with decisions, compromises and debates, all of which make the planning process  that much more effective.      

PLAN THE GUEST LIST                                                                  
To draw up a final guest list, especially for a large wedding ceremony, can be a hugely daunting task. You may want to invite the whole world on your special day, but at some point a list needs to be made; and the larger this list is likely to be, the sooner it should be ready. This can be simplified by starting off with drawing up 3 separate lists : The Bride’s list, the Groom’s list (both including friends and family and colleagues), and a list of common friends. Once all the names have been listed, the bride and the groom can both whittle it down until they both hit their mark. When it comes to the guest list, there are always going to be some sticky situations. These can be tackled effectively if along with the bride and groom, a couple of elders from both families work on the lists as well.

DEFINE YOUR STYLE                                                                  
Over the top details along with hundreds of guests present will all come to nothing if along with the hosts, the venue is not inviting and welcoming. Before spending money on décor and music and flowers, get the essentials sorted. A large wedding needs a venue large enough to be able to accommodate comfortable seating arrangements for all the guests. A lot of consideration needs to go into planning the menu as well, so that at no point the food runs short. Once the essentials are in place, what you are left with is yours to splurge in other areas. 

Lastly, while you may want to look into every tiny detail yourself, hiring a wedding consultant, to plan a large ceremony will be a huge relief. A professional to follow up on all conformations, and other nitty gritties, leaves the bride with enough time to take care of her grooming and health in the weeks leading up to the wedding.