Ladies, take a tip from your sun sign to be the best possible bride you can on your big day, radiant, beautiful and happy. For the astrologically inclined, this is a fun way to learn what bridal traits your particular sun sign predisposes you to.

Aries brides are the ones with the perfect marital vision. They will want to be personally in-charge of all the little details for their wedding. Being very hands on and do-it-yourself women, Aries brides will completely believe that doing it yourself is the fastest way to get things done. To ensure that she enjoys every moment of her special day, the Ariean bride will need to learn to delegate to those she trusts and then let go of her worries.

A Taurus bride will typically want a no expenses spared wedding for herself. Real exotic flowers, a rich lingering perfume for her venue, she’ll want it all. Colours send the Taurean’s senses soaring too, the richer, the better. But at the same time, this is a woman whose feet are firmly planted on the ground. She is practical. If her dream wedding is way out of the budget, the Taurean bride will know how and where to make compromises.

A Gemini girl’s mind is always travelling and she keeps up a pretty good running commentary simultaneously. She has so many great ideas for her wedding that making them all come together would be nearly impossible. Gemini brides will benefit from making decisions early on with the help of more grounded relatives and friends and then sticking with them.

There’s no knowing if the cancerian girl is a gentle moon maiden or a wild loony bird. As a would be bride, she can drown people in her sorrows when things don’t pan out, and then double them up with laughter when she’s satisfied with the arrangements. Modesty is a thing with her, so the Cancerian bride will not be likely want an over the top luxe wedding.

This is the sign of the kings and queens, and the Leo bride will want her wedding to be one that befits a queen. This bride will want all eyes on her and to be the center of everyone’s attention. Nature seems to have shown some prejudice when it fashioned the Lioness with vivacity, grace, beauty and sex appeal for atleast 3 women. This is a bird with brilliant feathers and as a bride she will want to flaunt those.

The Virgo bride will be a perfectionist, to an extent that she may forget to enjoy the joys of getting married in her quest to smooth out all possible details for her wedding. For a Virgo bride, hiring a wedding planner might just be the best decision she makes in the entire planning process.

The Libra girl may look like a little doll, and dress in silks and laces, but for all her femininity, grace and sweet mannerisms, this girl’s mental processes operate with pure logic. If there’s a bride who can come up with a way to please everyone in both families, it’s the Libra bride. She knows how to have her cake and eat it too.

The Scorpio bride will do things her way and not give a hang to what the neighbours or distant relatives think. Nor will she bother inviting the ones that she does not particularly want at her wedding. This girl knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. The Scorpio bride is most likely to get the best quality help in planning her wedding as she will be intolerant of poorly planned decisions.

This bride will be the one most likely to go for a destination wedding. The Saggitarius bride, how much ever in love, will never be the one to wear rose tinted glasses. She sees the world exactly how it is and can apply clear reasonable logic to every situation, including planning her wedding details.

The Capricorn woman has a steely determination that can enable her if required to single-handedly organize her wedding. This bride can seem more even tempered and emotionally steady than any other, but for all the outward calm, the Capricorn bride will always have secret worries like how will all the different people at her wedding get along without a glitch for an entire evening. The Capricorn bride is also likely to be the one to have a separate album made of the funny memories from her wedding.

The Aquarius bride will be torn between having a traditional wedding or incorporating all her eccentric ideas and strange twists to the proceedings. She is nothing if not paradoxical. This girl would do well to stick with convention and go with what works for most people and save her strange ideas for after the wedding.

This is the quintessential girly girl. The pieces bride will want the whole world to be part of her special day and she will want to spread the joy. But she needs to remember that more people does not equal more memories. She would do well to stick with the ones who will cherish being a part of her special day.