What’s a wedding without the splendour of flowers! In conversation with Bigindianwedding.com is Mr. Atul Kapur of FlowersForever, a unique concept that offers life-like silk flowers for all occasions. So, even when your favourite flower is not available while you are getting married, you may opt for the natural looking silk flowers for the look that you always wanted. Let us find out more about this emerging trend...

What was the reason behind the launch of FlowersForever?
Our company has emerged as a leading and trendsetting source of high quality decorative & designer ware products. Our select design teams based in Paris and New York continue to develop and offer beautiful top selling merchandise. Today in India, we are on the cusp of change wherein a huge, multicultural India is transforming from a socialist economy to a consumption-led economy. Changing demographic profiles, increasing income levels, urbanization, technology, globalization and a free flow of ideas from within and outside the country is bringing about a dramatic shift in consumer tastes and preferences.  Keeping in mind the rapidly changing Indian consumer tastes, we felt that it was time to bring our globally successful merchandise into the Indian market.


Please share with us the product line of FlowersForever.
Our slogan “Inspired by nature, created for life” presents our vision of creating natural, sustainable and high quality merchandise. Our natural looking silk flowers are produced with botanical precision using the best materials available in the world thereby giving a natural fresh appearance. The colours, shades and designs are put together with impeccable taste.  We have in our collection a wide variety of flowers ranging from roses in its different forms to hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, delphiniums, Calla Lilly, Iris, lilac, orchids, magnolias, daisies, larkspur, big alluviums, bougainvilleas, etc.

Timeless and classical beauties, our pedestals, planters, urns and columns offers the feel of antique cast stone at the fraction of the weight. This exquisite collection of landscape design is classically hand cast and is strong, durable and lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Elegant and functional, our wide selection of architectural fibreglass collection is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes and can withstand almost all kind of weather conditions. 

Silk wedding flowers and urns by FlowersForever

Flowers play an intrinsic role at weddings. How suitable is your product for this market?
Wedding reception décor can bring one’s dream and visions for the bride’s or groom’s big day to life.  The key to decorating a wedding is picking and sticking to the right colour and theme and by tying all the wedding elements such as centrepieces, flowers and floral arrangements and overall appearance.  Every detail of a wedding ceremony matters, especially to the bride. Flowers and décor go hand in hand when planning a wedding or a special event. Flowers create an inviting space right from the entrance to the corsage, to the mandap.  Our natural looking flowers are spectacular and elegant and our arrangements are creative and modern and are sure to add that touch of elegance to capture the moment while impressing guests.

Artificial flower arrangements for weddings

As compared to the West, wedding decor and flowers is still a nascent industry in India. Do you see a change? 
As I have already pointed out, the rapidly changing Indian consumer market is drawing global attention not because of its promise of sheer volumes but because of the tectonic shift happening in the nature of demand. The Indian consumer market, which is primarily dominated by young generation who is globally well travelled, is becoming increasingly sophisticated and brand conscious. He/she is beginning to look beyond the utility aspect of a product to seek intangibles like brand and lifestyle statement associated with the product. Wedding decorations have become much more innovative with the change in time and the involvement of wedding planners and event management companies. The wedding couple has become increasingly conscious about how the wedding reception decorations should be. Theme based wedding decorations as well as destination weddings have offered a boost to creativity in wedding reception decorations.

Exotic silk flowers by FlowersForever

In comparison to real flowers, what are the benefits of flowers made with silk? 
If one is set on having live arrangements and bouquets, then the options will be limited to which flowers the florists can purchase during that time of the year.  Real flowers which are rare and unseasonal at that time of the year are simply more expensive than other flowers which are in season.   If one is on a limited budget for decorations, then one will want to choose a flower that is attractive but also economical.  Real flowers have a very short shelf life and while live arrangements look beautiful, the time taken in making these arrangements is rather long and by the time of the main event these arrangements no longer look fresh as most of the live flowers are dead or dying.  On the other hand if you are willing to use silk flowers, your options will be near endless. 

Artificial silk flower arrangements for weddings

At FlowersForever, our high quality natural looking silk flowers are lightweight making our arrangements much easier to handle and transport.  Our flowers have the advantage of not wilting in the weather which is something to consider if one is having a warm weather wedding.  These flowers don’t need watering and are much more durable.  Our flowers can also be scented to smell like the real thing. If looked after well, our flowers and arrangements can be taken home and kept forever even after the wedding. 

FlowersForever's collection of silk flowers

What are the latest trends this wedding season in terms of flowers? 
It’s a move towards sophistication for sure! Roses and hydrangeas will still be popular for the third year in a row.  The English Garden look which is a combination of white and greens in an antique Italian/Spanish urn will be popular.  Richer tones of reds, burgundy’s and rusts will dominate the weddings.  Arrangements made loosely giving the “wild” look will be in trend as compared to the “tightly” and “rounded” made arrangements.