Beautiful is the day that is touched by love! Making their most special day even more so, recent times have seen more and more couples opting for intimate weddings. While the pageantry, the pomp and splendour of a gala, lavish wedding and reception have appealed to many for decades; the romantic appeal and the flexibility that a small scale intimate wedding provides has made it the new popular wedding trend.

When the numbers of invitees are small and manageable, you assure yourself of a guest list that you would want most to be a part of your big day. Add to that the fact that fewer people mean the couple or the hosts can spare the time and finances to give every arrangement and detail a personalized touch. 

It is disappointing to hear newly married couples say that their big day passed in a blur they can barely remember. A wedding is first and foremost a celebration of love and commitment that a couple shares and the presence of just close friends and family adds that much more meaning to the affair.

Choosing a small, intimate wedding can open up many new possibilities rather than limit them. It provides space for spontaneity and individuality. Budget constraints are another big reason for more and more people opting to go down the intimate wedding road. Even in the absence of financial constraints, a smaller wedding will allow you to spend lavishly on a special few rather than conservatively on many. Smaller venues and fewer guests will invariably add a touch of romance to the event and allow the couple to circulate effortlessly and spend time talking and celebrating with all the people that have been chosen to be a part of their special day. We spoke to the owner of one such wedding location and this is what Mr. Avi Puri had to say about his property, Mantra Amaltas, “As a wedding venue we ensure intimacy, and special care from our team and staff to make every guest feel special. Personalised attention, a customized menu and focus on providing luxurious comfort in an intimate setting has enabled us to play host to many exclusive functions and gatherings. Our residential accommodation enables outstation guests at weddings to mingle easily over the course of the celebrations.”

One of the first steps in planning a small wedding is to determine the guest list. Both partners can come with a list and then start narrowing it down or adding to it to arrive at the desired number. With the guest list determined and an idea of the budget, it becomes easier to choose the venue. If considering a destination wedding, you may want to get the details of your package in written and request for references. The venues may also be able to show some photos from previously hosted weddings.

Because intimate weddings do not require a large area, theme weddings become a distinct possibility. Many couples dream of a theme wedding for themselves, one in keeping with their personalities or a representation of their special moments together. A small wedding ceremony provides huge scope to turn that dream into reality. 
The advantages are many, the possibilities are endless. Here’s wishing every happy couple the wedding of their dreams.