Indian weddings, known for their vivacity and exuberance, owe it to the vibrant flowers for adding grace and charm to the auspicious event. But not all flowers are considered as favourabaly for the occasion. Specific flowers with symbolic meanings are preferred over others. explains the significance of different flowers used in an Indian wedding.

Marigolds in Indian wedding; Photo courtesy: Photo Khichega

Flowers have different meanings in different cultures. While some are greatly favoured in some cultures, they are considered inauspicious in another culture. Marigolds or genda, the most commonly used flower in Hindu weddings since times immemorial, are kept at bay at Christian weddings as they are believed to be the harbingers of grief and ill luck. Marigolds, both yellow and orange, have been the traditional favourites at Indian weddings. Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi, the ideal couple, are worshipped with marigolds. Hence, using the same at weddings is symbolic of the divine blessings to the newlywed couple for a prosperous life ahead. Marigolds are also considered to be representative of the sun. Thus, they symbolize brightness and positive energy to be bestowed on the couple.

Jasmines adorning a bride's hair; Photo courtesy: The Lightsmiths

While marigolds are accorded prime importance, the white jasmine flower comes a close second in terms of popularity. Especially in south Indian weddings, jasmines are widely used. Known for their sweet fragrance, jasmines exude an aura of freshness. They also signify sensuousness and proximity between the couple. The white colour of the flower signifies purity and elegance. Just like the jasmine, the white lily is also being used widely in Indian weddings nowadays. Carrying a deep spiritual significance, lilies represent love, happiness and trustworthiness, all three extremely important in a marriage.

Lilies to beautify the bride; Photo courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Another variety of flower that is gradually gaining significance in Indian weddings is orchids. Extraordinarily rare, they are found in a multitude of colours. Signifying beauty, wisdom, strength and luxury, orchids convey a sense of deep love and unending support between the couple. Tulips are also increasingly being used in Indian weddings. Using tulips at the wedding signifies the public declaration of love towards your beloved. Even before you are pronounced man and wife, using tulips symbolizes your love for one another in the public eye.

Exotic orchids in Indian weddings; Photo courtsey: Vidhi Thakur Photography

One of the most popular flowers, roses, are known for love and enjoy undisputed position in Indian weddings. Red, pink or white, each colour has a significant meaning attached to it. While pink roses denote happiness, white signifies charm and grace. But it is the red rose that symbolizes passionate love. A wedding without the beauty and fragrance of the eternal roses is almost unthinkable. 

A bouquet of roses; Photo courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan