A huge misconception exists that bachelor parties are synonymous to stripper parties. Well yes, there are chances that a man would like one ‘wild’ night before getting hitched but wildness need not necessarily mean debauchery. Bachelor party is an occasion that screams male bonding and male camaraderie. Let Bigindianwedding.com assist you in throwing the ultimate bachelor party ever!

The organizer: Traditionally, the bachelor party is to be hosted by the best man/men. To make things easier, handpick 5-6 trusted fellows who can be assigned with different aspects of the planning. But it is not uncommon to include the groom-to-be also in the process. Get his views, likes and dislikes; plan his bachelor accordingly. Remember, it is his night. Plan it in a way that would make it memorable for him.

The date: Oh yes, before going ahead with any planning, finalize the date. Caution: you wouldn’t want to plan it just a few days prior to the wedding celebrations. It is best advised to organize your pal’s bachelor’s at least a month ahead of the wedding. If you are planning for a road trip or an overseas one, it is even better to have an earlier one for all the excitement to settle down.

The activity: A bachelor’s party is often thought to include strippers and exotic dancers. Nevertheless, there are quite a handful of other activities also to choose from. Every groom-to-be may not be comfortable with a strange woman providing him a lap dance just before his wedding. Choose an activity that would be enjoyed by the groom with his best pals. It can be a night of poker, attending a boxing match or going camping in the hills. Bottom line: the groom has to enjoy his bachelor party!

The alcohol: A bachelor party without an unlimited (well maybe not unlimited!) supply of alcohol is no party at all. Organizers may cut down costs on other aspects if need be, but there should be no cut-downs on alcohol. Beer, whiskey, rum or vodka, make sure that the drinks keep coming. After all, how can it be fun without being in high spirits? Many a toasts will be raised, many a funny incident will be told… all laying stone for future tales and sagas!

The guests: While preparing the guest-list, discuss it with the groom-to-be. Inviting only those who he is comfortable with is the key. Close buddies, trusted colleagues, cool relatives should make up the party. Generally, the bride’s male relatives are all left out. But as long as they are chilled out and promise not to spill out the beans, they may also be invited.

The oath: What happens in a bachelor party, stays well within its premises! An unwritten code should be taken by all the guests that nothing goes out beyond the party premises. The party may or may not involve ‘naughty’ elements but nobody else should be privy to the happenings of that particular night. Especially, not a whiff to the bride-to-be or her trusted friends and relatives!