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No. 2, Meera Farm, ChhatarpurIndia, New Delhi-110074

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At The Sanroh Creations (Chattarpur, New Delhi), we understand that you would rather spend the extra cash on the things that matter rather than the outfit that will stay in your wardrobe for eternity without any use. We also offer brand new (never worn before), lehenga and sherwani on rent at a slight premium or you can rent used lehenga or sherwani (used no more than 2 times) at rock bottom prices. Delhi's Dhulla's and Dhullan's have now moved on from buying expensive lehenga and sherwani, the new mantra is to rent and rid. Long gone are the days when Brides & Grooms treasured their wedding outfit, now the wiser choice is to rent for few days and get your money’s worth.

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3rd September, 2014
" Stained clothes for renting! Iíll stay away from this place! "
I am not into traditional clothes, especially the traditionally ornate clothes for weddings. I see no point spending thousands of bucks for a saree that I would never wear again! I scout for places that rent clothes for 2-3 days. It suits me perfectly.

Recently, the place from which I usually rent was shut for some reason. So I had no choice but to look for options elsewhere. While browsing the internet, I came across Sanroh Creations in Chhatarpur. I called them immediately and decided to go check their stuff. Oh my god! Why did I waste my time! Most of the stuff which they showed were not up to my personal tastes. Finally when I saw a saree to my liking, it was stained all over. It looked like coffee stains to me. I pointed that out and left the place without renting anything. The least they could do is to check whether all the clothes are in wearable condition or not before setting an appointment. Ultimately, I ended up buying my first saree. I'm now a proud owner of a gorgeous red chiffon saree. Lovin' it :)
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