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It is our constant endeavour to provide the best to our patients, their satisfaction being our priority as well as our goal. With Dr Ba...

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Murthy Complex,
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Dr Mourougayan is a committed Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgeon. He is a senior competent surgeon with vast experience. 
Ashok Nagar

No. 50, 12th Avenue,
Ashok Nagar,

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Best Hair Transplant

Gone are the days when only brides used to stress about their looks for the wedding. Terms like metrosexual have brought a sea change in Indian men. Cosmetic treatments like hair transplant, acne reduction treatment and the likes are fast becoming popular among Indian grooms. With advancement in technology, it is easily possible to go in for hair transplant and other cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic procedures like hair transplant come as a blessing in disguise for grooms who are not very confident about their looks. Hair transplant is an easy method that can completely transform you in the best possible way. So, it’s time for all you men to bid goodbye to all insecurities, and say hi to a brand new you. We present to you an exhaustive list of specialists in the field of hair transplant who are known for their expertise. Select the one that best suits you and get the best possible hair transplant surgery at the right price.