Creating a masterpiece out of the ruins of the glorious past of the Maharajas or from the rich Venetian arts, ace designer Archana Kochhar has done it all. Designing for the modern woman of today, who knows it well to mix fad with tradition, Archana's creations are a marvelous revelation, a celebration of life. Read on as Archana Kochhar engages in a tête-à-tête exclusively with

The lady who creates dreams does not have a professional degree in fashion. You are an MBA. So how this happen? How was the brand Archana Kochhar born?
I had a strong passion for fashion since I was a child and this interest grew in me. The whole process of creating my own brand "Archana Kochhar" involves tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. I didn't go through any professional fashion course, and being an MBA student I had to learn and gather the depth of fashion knowledge on my own. It was a difficult process, but every bit of the hard work put in was worth every sweat of it. I am proud to be titled as the "self-made designer" and I show deep gratitude to all the support and encouragement that I have received throughout.

Archana Kochhar wedding collection

Your designs reflect glamor intertwined effortlessly with tradition. Has it been a conscious effort?
Yes efforts are made for each collection and design. I make sure that there is a flow and connection from one collection to another though the theme and season may be different. I strike a balance between modernity and glamor without losing the essence of traditional touch to each ensemble, be it in any form or element like cuts, embroidery and texturing. For me, the concepts of 'design', 'creativity' and 'knowledge' are intertwined and interlinked in the fashion aspects and this reflects in my work.

Archana Kochhar Summer Brides collection

Please enlighten us about your latest bridal collection Summer Brides 2012.
My latest Summer Brides 2012 collection comprises of heavily adorn beige lehengas, sherwanis, saris and anarkalis with contrasting bold colors blending in with antique gold, dusted over and bejeweled with crystals stones. Shades of royal blue with fluid silhouettes and crystallization of rich extravagant fabrics and texturing are also part of this Summer Brides collection.

What are the things that you keep in mind while designing for a bride-to-be?
Wedding dresses are the most important and probably the most expensive piece of clothing you'll ever buy. There is an enormous amount of pressure to design that 'perfect' dress for the bride-to-be. The first thing is choosing the cuts and colors that would suit her complexion and her body type. Making her feel exquisite, elegant and beautiful is my job; so I have to keep in mind her likes and dislikes and correlate to them. It's the most special day of their life and they look forward to this day since childhood, so to design for them is a special feeling altogether.

Archana Kochhar bridal collection

What are the must-haves in a bridal trousseau? What should a bride be adorned in on her D-day?
Marriage brings in a wave of transition for a woman... from a young, carefree girl to a mature, responsible woman. The bridal trousseau have been there since times immemorial. Certain things must form a part of every bride's trousseau. Most definitely, clothes to see her through the days as a newlywed bride. Secondly, jewelry... right from her favorite pieces to some heirloom jewels. Finally, every girl has her memories. It is best to cherish them through some mementos that will remind her of her maidenhood.

Archana Kochhar wedding collection for brides and grooms

You have been a supporter for eco-friendly and organic products. How do you incorporate them into your creations?
Recently, I launched a Summer Resort 2012 collection which comprises of organic fabrics like cotton, floor length anarkalis which is of white cotton and embellished with Rajasthani elements. I had also launched a casual menswear line titled Barcode which includes cotton and linen fabrics.

Archana Kochhar with showstopper Anjana Sukhani