She is the queen of Indian fashion. No bridal trousseau can be considered complete unless you own one of her creations. Yes, we are talking about none other than ace designer Ritu Kumar. In conversation with is the queen herself.  

The name Ritu Kumar needs no introduction. What began in 1969 is still going strong. What keeps you going everyday, even after four decades?
Thank you for the compliment. Well, the interesting nature of the work that I do which is based on textile history and crafts is the main motivating factor in my journey. India and her culture is vast and still much remains untapped. My efforts are continuously aimed at using the traditional crafts with innovation to create a new classicism. 

Ritu Kumar bridal lehenga

You have a unique signature style, which reflects Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary flair. Was it a conscious effort? How did you develop the same?
It was not really a conscious effort. As I have already said, our culture offers a plethora of options to any designer to carve out a niche. Every part of the country has something unique to offer. It is up to us as to how we can portray them in our aesthetics. The 'unique signature style' of Ritu Kumar came over time and experience in the field. 

Ritu Kumar couture
Owning a Ritu Kumar is every bride's dream. What, according to you, should an Indian bride be adorned in on her big day?
The classical style that can stand the test of time is always a good option, as it can also adorn the next generation and the aesthetic transcends time. No doubt, sensibilities and personal tastes vary from person to person. Brides want to be edgier these days. But the charm of the traditional look can never be replaced. One can experiment on the other functions like mehendi, cocktail or reception. But the d-day look should definitely be traditional. 
Ritu Kumar bridal collection

What is the one piece of clothing that every bride should have in her trousseau?

A sari. No bridal trousseau in India can be remotely considered complete if it doesn't have this wonder item. This nine yard long piece of cloth has managed to wow the world with its sheer exclusivity and understated elegance. In fact, I would say every Indian bridal trousseau must consist of more than just a single sari. Every region has their exclusive design, fabric and style. Pick out your favorites and pack a handful of them as you enter the threshold of your new life. 

Ritu Kumar designer saree

Please enlighten us about LABEL, Ritu Kumar. 
It is the young line from Ritu Kumar, suited to a more international silhouette, very affordable yet keeps the signature of the parent brand. 

Ritu Kumar wedding collection

What should we expect from Ritu Kumar this season?

A very varied bridal line as well as a more diverse label collection. Innovation and creativity is our middle name. One can expect to see the signature motifs and silhouettes offered with a new twist, yet again. 

Ritu Kumar Indian ethnic wear