What do you suggest are the must haves for the bridal makeup trousseau, what are the basic makeup and skincare products that a bride-to-be should pick?

It’s very important for every bride-to-be to have good foundation base which is light weight, kohl (if she uses it), mascara and a lip colour that goes with her skin tone. For daily use she must have a good cleanser, makeup remover, toner and moisturizer preferably with SPF.

The best of makeup and skincare

Neha, you are a skincare expert, what kind of a pre-bridal ritual should a bride-to-be follow, to get glowing skin on her D-day?

It’s important that the bride-to- be take good care of her skin, nails, hair and over all well being before her wedding. I would suggest them to go for skin treatments which give them deep cleansing, toning and lots of hydration .The rest depending on the type of skin and if they have any skin concerns then we offer treatments like green peel, derma facial, super enzyme or caviar facials.

The best of makeup and skincare

Megha, when you do make up for a bride, what basics do you look at and how do you decide on the kind of look for the wedding?

First and foremost I see the skin texture and tone to decide what kind of foundation is required to start her makeup. The idea is to make her skin look flawless and luminous and NOT WHITE! I then try to enhance her facial features by contouring, and highlighting. The look is decided on prior appointments with the bride to be sure that we are not experimenting on the day and there are no surprises for her as well. Different themes can be taken into consideration depending on her outfit, face cut or hair.

The best of makeup and skincare

Does a bride need to carry any makeup essentials in her little bag on her d-day, if yes then what?

We do provide everything that is needed for the makeup for the bride. However the bride can get her own products if she is allergic to something or if she has some favourites in her kit.

The best of makeup and skincare

Through what techniques do you ensure that the mascara does not run out or the lipstick does not bleed, any tips to help the makeup stay put longer?

The technique is to use waterproof mascara to avoid any running out. The trick to avoid the lipstick to bleed is first to outline it with a lip line pencil and then fill the lips with the colour. Over lay of colour is used by patting it with translucent powder in order for the lipstick to stay longer.

The best of makeup and skincare

Any difference of colours or techniques when you do make up for a bride in traditional lehenga and a bride in a gown?

Colour selection depends mostly on the outfit, however in traditional lehenga we try to give more of an ethnic look by adding metallic colours and adding bindis that complete the look. For a bride in gown the focus is on contemporary look by making the eyes smokier with elements of metallic hues.

The best of makeup and skincare

Do you feel that less is always more even in Indian bridal makeup?

Of course! That is our mantra ‘Less is more’. The idea is to use right colours and combinations. We want the bride to look and feel comfortable when she is dressed and not someone who is just going to play in the theatre with loud and garish makeup!

How would you say has the Indian bridal makeup has evolved in the last 20 years?

It’s gone from shiny glitters to 3D glitters and shimmer for a luminous and flawless look. From creased to well blended makeup- the subtle look is in.

Finally, what about hairstyle, what kind of a hairstyle do you suggest for a bride-to-be?

Most brides like to cover the head with their dupattas and hence we like to create buns for better hold and a more comfortable evening. Although flowers and hair accessories too can be added to give hair a bit more of an elaborate look.