From a certified doctor to a creative jewellery designer... What a transition! What made you choose the latter? Has the decision/journey been fulfilling?
I was always passionate about diamonds. Since I was a kid I used to always take keen interest in my mom’s jewellery and since then my mom noticed my interest. While I was growing up, I used to suggest designs for her jewellery. Though initially I chose a very stable profession of being a doctor, I also started designing jewellery for my family and friends after completing my studies which was fun.  But then, one of my friends asked me to design her entire wedding jewellery which was the first major task I got and I was really excited and equally nervous However, I worked really hard for her wedding and my friend and her family members loved the jewellery; after that there was no looking back! Following which I started getting lot of offers for designing jewellery. That is how it started and I was enjoying it so much that with the help of my parents who supported me to follow my passion, I decided to choose being a jewellery designer.

Preeti Jain bridal jewellery

Each design of Preeti Jain is distinct yet have a unique sense of uniformity. What inspires you to create the varied wonders?
My inspiration has been today’s urban Indian woman who is not just a home maker but also a corporate icon. She is  independent and confident yet love to be pampered. Each creation has a story to tell and the exclusivity makes every woman feel special.

You seem to work a lot with diamonds along with polki, meenakari and gold. How do you balance tradition with a contemporary edge?
The best part about our designs are that we do not restrict ourselves with just one kind of work and so whenever I get an opportunity to be more experimental with my designs, I make sure that the design is classy as we make sure we don’t put diamonds, meenakari and polki together for the heck of it; we pay more attention to the details of the design. And also make sure that we blend the diamond and polki or the meenakari very well, giving the jewellery  completely different which makes it looks very beautiful.

Preeti Jain diamond jewellery

What would Preeti Jain like to wear on her wedding day? Any favorite look?
Well that is a tough one! As I love all my jewellery, each and every piece is very close to my heart. I personally am very fond of solitaires with emeralds and also my personal taste is of Indo-western jewellery. So yes, on my wedding in one of my functions, I will wear this beautiful diamond necklace with emeralds. And since I am the traditional types, I made it is as a long necklace like how usually south Indians prefer and wear their gold jewellery. I feel it’s really different and very beautiful. I have also designed three-line polki necklaces for myself which are very beautiful with ruby and emeralds in it. I would also want to wear a necklace with different dress colours.

When designing for your clients, what are the considerations that you keep in mind?
I make sure that apart from my design style, the client’s taste is also kept in mind as I keep dealing with different people and each individual has a different taste, like some people like subtle jewellery while some people love very glamorous jewellery. The ultimate motive is to create an astounding piece which reflects the client's taste as well as my creativity. 

Preeti Jain wedding jewellery

What would your advice be to young brides-to-be when choosing their wedding jewellery?
Wedding jewellery trends for the season would be more modern jewellery but with an evergreen touch to it. Today, brides-to-be want to adorn themselves with jewellery which makes a statement and has an edge in terms of creativity. Therefore, jewellery with a difference would go best. An amalgamation of diamonds with precious gemstones like rubies, emerald and sapphires are suggested for the season which add richness and a splash of color to the jewellery. One of the trendy yet classy jewellery style for the cocktail or sangeet function would be invisible set rubies or emeralds with diamonds to add that sparkle and brilliance. It gives a very different, designer yet classy feel. Chokers go best for the wedding day especially if it can be made as detachable one which can be used in multiple ways in future. Basically, designs that compliment your personality should be preferred. Since jewellery is made to accentuate you further.  Make sure it is kept very elegant.

With gold prices rising, there are all the more reason brides should get jewellery crafted in gold and set in diamonds and precious gemstones as they also add an investment value to it. Besides that, bridal jewellery eventually becomes a family heirloom so no compromise should be made.

Preeti Jain kundan-meena set for Indian brides