When the young and vibrant Preeti Agarwal chose to be a jewelery designer, it came as no surprise as Preeti hails from the illustrious family who have been into jewels and jewelery making since times immemorial. Venturing in to the world of jewels in the year 2008, there has been no looking back ever since for Preeti. In an exclusive conversation with Bigindianwedding.com, Preeti Agarwal talks about her desires and visions. 

You come from a family of jewelery connoisseurs. But as a young vibrant woman, you must have brought about a new wave into the business. How has been the journey thus far?
I am someone who constantly strives to push the artistic boundaries. Belonging to a family whose roots lay in jewels and jewelery making, it comes as no surprise that I discovered my true calling and sheer joy in making art through jewels. After earning my Masters in Business Management from Warwick Business School, UK, I discovered my penchant for jewelery while working with my father. This made me realize my instinctive creative abilities and artistic temperament. Making my unlimited enthusiasm to “create” my strongest resource, I started my experiments with jewels in 2008. I try to spell subtlety in each on my exclusive designs. My design mantra is simple; I like to keep my designs elegant and timeless in their appeal, eclectic, arty, classic, traditional and modern. Working with diamonds and large precious and semi-precious stones with unusual cuts and an uncluttered approach adds different depths of persona to the ensembles I craft. My pieces highlight the modernity, immaculate work of skilled craftsmanship and technical perfection that is the true hallmark of my work.

Preeti Agarwal wedding jewellery

Your creations are laced with femininity and modernity with subtle touches of traditional elements. What inspires you?
I think part of my creativity comes from my genes. I draw inspiration from my travel around the world and intricately blend different cultural influences into my designs. My numerous travels around the world have given me a chance to meet different people and love their cultures too. This special mix of natural style, art and culture while nature of my own life are the sources of my inspiration. I also owe my love for jewels and jewelery design to my father who himself is an experienced jeweler. For me, he has been an infinite and constant source of inspiration and has always helped me strive for perfection in every piece of jewelery I design. My father has been instrumental in starting this long love affair that I have developed with fine jewelery. I try to stay true to my Indian roots and yet be modern unique with every design.

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Diamonds, precious/semi-precious colored stones seems to be your USP. Do you think gold has taken a backseat in the recent times?
Gold never took a backseat. It's just that it is present now in various different forms other than the standard traditional yellow gold. Traditional Indian designs like Pachikam and South Indian temple designs are as popular even today. These days, both white gold and the more upmarket pink gold in high polish along with dull, matter or sand-blast textures are quite upcoming and in vogue.

The finest meenakari work set with precious stones is done on pure gold leading to some highly intricate designs. Also traditional kundan ornaments have a mellow, opaque appearance and are made in gold. It's just that we are using this traditional metal in a more contemporary way for trendy and unconventional designs that have a hint of antiquity.

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Indian bridal jewelery has seen a lot of changes. Kindly comment on the same.
There have been evident changes in bridal jewelery. The bride of yesteryear was bedecked form head to toe, but now designs are more in coordination with one’s personality. White gold is certainly doing the rounds. In my designs, I aim to bring freshness into traditional styles, using the same motifs but in different forms that are limitless and unpredictable in its appeal. A contemporary bride can surprise you even in a simple and sweet floral design cascading around her neck and stun someone with her elegant diamond encrusted jewels. Today, the bridal jewelery can range from diamond encrusted jewels that are fit for royalty to something that is classy and edgy by creating a piece of art deco jewelry in diamonds and pearls.

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What would be your advice to a bride-to-be while choosing her wedding jewelery? Any favorite piece that must be a part of her bridal trousseau?
I would suggest jewelery that will not overshadow the lady of the moment. While choosing jewelery apart from the budget, the most important criteria is that the bride is comfortable. Choices should be mainly based on what looks best on the bride and reflects her taste. A classic version of bridal wear is an understated yet grand necklace set with large uncut diamonds in graduating rows, inter-spaced by rubies and emeralds. I would suggest brides to invest in jewelery that is detachable, versatile and something that they can wear more often.

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When designing for a client, what are the considerations that you keep in mind?
I keep in mind their likes, dislikes, their personality, their body shape, and what they can carry with elan. Even when I am designing my collections, I like to keep my existing clients in mind so that there is something for everyone. My clients are my muses.

Your prediction for the upcoming wedding season? What can we expect from Preeti Agarwal in the near future?
For the upcoming wedding season, emeralds, rubies and diamonds are big on popularity circuit. Jadau is in vogue again. Different hues of pearls with diamonds have also emerged as flavors of the season. In the future, one can expect more contemporary designs that eulogize a modern woman who believes in keeping tandem with today’s times.

Preeti Agarwal wedding jewellery