Specializing in the architecture of entertainment by completely transforming raw, ordinary spaces into dramatic environments, Experiential Weddings by Studio Neelabh is a Boutique Wedding Design House that seamlessly translates visions into awe-inspiring reality. 

Offering total design solutions to the increasingly complex spatial requirements of the ever-evolving wedding industry, Studio Neelabh is a one-stop shop for all sets and décor solutions. Started by husband-wife duo Aditi and Neelabh Kapoor three years ago, the studio specializes in the most elaborate theme weddings and experiential events. Prominent names, including the recent grand wedding of Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh, feature in their A-list clientele.

In an exclusive chat with Bigindianwedding.com, the talented duo Aditi-Neelabh talk about the ever-increasing phenomenon of 'destination weddings'.
The wedding industry is at its boom. In your tenure as wedding planners, what changes have you witnessed?

It's a fact that the wedding industry never saw a recession phase and it's only been booming in the last few years. People with high disposable income form a niche group which has evolved a lot and their spending power drives the market. While some of the largest weddings in scale have taken place in the last 2-3 years, however the other route has been the sudden growth of destination weddings! Smaller groups of any where between 250 to 1000 people travel to exotic locations and it gets converted into an extended holiday.

Studio Neelabh wedding decor and planning

Destination weddings are big these days. Why do you think people are going for the same?

Destination weddings are a big hit nowadays because firstly it gives an opportunity to families to bond and spend more time with each other. The other reason is to take out only close friends and family so the entire social obligation of calling the world goes out of the window. Destination weddings are like extended holidays which families really enjoy. The expense could be much lesser if the destination is chosen and planned well!

Studio Neelabh's wedding decor at Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh's wedding

What is your advice to couples and their families who are keen on destination weddings?

Always give enough time to guests to plan their time out into taking that holiday. The other challenge would be to plan the logistics such as proximity, travel, accommodation, event venues etc., ahead of time. One should consider that they are hosting a large group of people so they should be prepared in all ways so get the right agency and local partners!

Studio Neelabh's wedding mandap design

What are the current favorites, both within the country and internationally?

To each his own but certain favorites remain like Goa, Aamby Valley and Rajasthan are explored locally. Thailand is a hot favorite internationally. But now more and more families are doing it different by having gone to exotic destinations like Istanbul, Florence, Monte Carlo, etc.

Studio Neelabh wedding decor at Riteish Deshmukh's wedding

What are the season's most interesting trends and decors?

Each time we meet a new client, we custom make the presentation and come up with new designs and ideation. For instance, when we met Riteish (Deshmukh) for his upcoming wedding with Genelia, he already had a rough idea in his head, being an architect himself! We then proposed themes like Tavern Greens, Wisteria, Divinity, Tree of Life, etc., which all went through rather enthusiastically. We transform our clients' vision into reality, plan end-to-end weddings encompassing decor, floral, technical aspects, venue planning, etc., to make it seemless on an execution level. 

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