Mirari’s founder and lead designer, Mira Gulati, trained in the US as a gemologist and jewellery designer and has created the Mirari brand to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury jewellery with a contemporary edge, as well as the international market’s craving for aesthetic, incredible Indian treasures. Her unique style has been brought to the attention of an elite clientele within India as well as attracting curiosity from other designers and patrons elsewhere in the world.

As a result of an uncompromising commitment to quality, Mirari has won itself a privileged base of admirers with a thirst for exceptionally beautiful and precious contemporary jewels. It now has a reputation for creating exquisitely rare pieces with an international aesthetic – an aesthetic that also embraces thousands of years of India’s design heritage, including extravagant concepts from the Raj and Mughal eras. 

Epitomising the new confidence of a nation at a watershed period in its history, Mira attempts to capture the spirit of her times and engage in the exciting potential that bubbles at the surface of modern India. In her own words: ‘Indian jewellery has come of age. Mirari gives me the freedom to express the confidence, power and attitude of today’s women. It also gives me the opportunity to say something about the way I want our modern India to be.’

Mira Gulati’s international experience and exposure, as well as her deep appreciation for the rich design heritage of her native India, have given her pioneer status in the exciting design revolution we are currently witnessing – a revolution that sees Indian jewellery come of age and east and west seek inspiration, each from the other.