Manali weds Prashant

The Place : Pune
The Date : 6th February, 2013
Photographer : Robin Saini
Caterers : Professional

Browsing through scores of profiles on an online matrimonial site, Manali, a Marathi and Prashant, a Punjabi, found each other. Their inter-caste arranged marriage was held on February 6, 2013 in Pune amidst a lot of fun and revelry.

The most interesting fact about the wedding was the way the date was fixed. Since Prashant is a Naval officer and had to get back to the ship soon, they did not have much time. And Manali wanted Robin Saini as her photographer. The wedding date was finally fixed depending on the availability of the photographer. Manali wore a gorgeous multi-coloured lehenga while Prashant chose a dapper suit for the occasion. The wedding saw a guest list of close to 500 people. Though the couple could not manage a pre-wedding shoot, they did indulge in a post wedding fun shoot. wishes the couple a lifelong of happiness and prosperity. 


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